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For artists, Livetapp provides a new way of staying in touch with your fanbase. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. are great tools to stay in touch with your fanbase as a whole. However, Livetapp gives artists more information, such as which fans have actually made it to every show and which are seeing the artist for the first time. With this type of information, you can build a stronger, more personal relationship with your fans. Every time a fan Checks In with Livetapp, this information is collected and presented to the artist's team.

With access to this information and these fans, you can do some interesting things:

Motivate Fans To Attend: Create cool promotions and incentives to reward your most loyal fans and encourage those who need a little motivation to come to the show.

Mailing List Made Easy: Forget clipboards! With Livetapp, fans can join your mailing list through our mobile app while they are at the show.

Build Personal Relationships: Send custom and targeted messages to increase merch sales, build your street team and fill the house at your next show.

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