About Us

Livetapp connects music fans, artists, promoters and venues around the live music experience. Our goal is to make the concert experience more enjoyable and successful for everyone involved - the fans who attend, the artists who perform, the promoters who organize and the venues who host. In that process we hope to encourage more people to go out and see live music!

How does Livetapp work?

Music Fans - Use Livetapp to keep track of your favorite artists and find out about upcoming events and specials in your area. When at the show, Check In with the Livetapp mobile app to keep an archive of the shows you attend and earn cool rewards like exclusive artist downloads, merch discounts, drink specials and tickets to upcoming shows. Based on the shows you go to and the artists you like, Livetapp recommends other artists and events you are most likely to be interested in. We want to help you find your next favorite band!

Artists - Use Livetapp to engage your fanbase, reward the loyal fans that come out to your shows and reach new fans that may not have heard your music yet. We want to help you make your next show a big success.

Promoters & Venues - Use Livetapp to promote your upcoming events and reward the regulars that come out to your events. Reach new fans and encourage your existing ones to come out to more shows.

Get the Livetapp App!

To make the most of your experience with Livetapp, download our iPhone or Android app.

We're Just Getting Started!

We're working on a bunch of great new features and will be expanding to more cities in the coming months so stay tuned! We welcome any suggestions and ideas on how we can make Livetapp better, please feel free to submit your feedback.